Since 2010 Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® has delighted audiences the world over with their high-brow mix of classical Elizabethan drama and no-holds-barred drunken antics.

Featuring a rotating cast of the finest classically trained actors, the choicest cuts of Shakespearean classics, and more inebriated antics than you can shake a weather beaten bull’s pizzle at! Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® is the unique theatrical experience that has left audiences roaring in the aisles the world over.

With a genuinely inebriated cast member each night, no two shows are ever the same…

“Wherever I looked I saw hands over mouths and bodies bent over, shrieking with laughter”
West End Wilma

“It shouldn’t work, and yet I laughed until I cried.”
A Younger Theatre

“This is no-holds-barred ecstasy in Shakespearean guise, and with a different culprit every night you can always come back for more”

“Explosively funny, this is remedy for anyone who ever thought Shakespeare was dull.”

“The audience felt free to shout, boo, and clap during the show – and, most of the time, simply laugh out loud.”
Theatre Bubble

“It’s a fucking mess. A fucking spectacular mess.”
Austin Chronicle

Best Comedy Brighton Fringe 2016
Sell-out Show Edinburgh Fringe 2012 – 2018
Sell-out Show Brighton Fringe 2013 – 2018
Sell-out Show Adelaide Fringe 2018
Best Comedy Show Scout Somerville 2017