From the professional pissheads behind
Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® comes an all-singing,
all-dancing and all-drinking musical theatre experience like no other.

Sh!t-faced Showtime® features a cast of professional musical theatre actors given an original script a selection of the very best showtunes and a whole chorus-line of cosmopolitans. Starring a single drunken cast member; no two nights are ever the same as the best of Broadway gets wasted on the West End!

Nowhere else can you discover a drunken Dorothy, an over-the-limit Oliver or a Bolloxed Billy Flynn. Sh!t-faced Showtime® reminds you to never drink and dance.


28 Nov ’23 – 6 Jan ’24

Stumbling and slurring its way back to Leicester Square Theatre for a triumphantly tipsy fourth year, the boozed-up boffins at Sh!t-faced Showtime® cordially invite you to pull up a bar stool and witness Dickens’s classic tale of miserly old Scrooge visited by three spirits to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

With the aid of performance enhancing (or more appropriately, debilitating) intoxication of course! Join us this Christmas for a sozzled Scrooge, boozed-up Bob Cratchit or a tipsy Tim and charge your glasses as a genuinely inebriated actor treats you to a festive knees-up like no other!

Bar! Rum! Glug!

“At one stage I saw about 30 arms thrown up in an outburst of tear-fuelled laughter – so I suppose you can say that the atmosphere in the theatre was fantastic”
West End Wilma

“It’s an outrageous evening which will have you dabbing tears away from laughing too hard”

“Go and see this ASAP”
Pocketsize Theatre

“Watching a drunk musical theatre actor try to negotiate lines and lyrics, blocking, harmonies, choreography, and quick changes is endlessly fascinating and entertaining… quite incredible”
Broadway World

“Continues to support the Shit-faced legacy for ridiculous, yet hilarious, performances, certain to have you helpless with laughter.”

“Frankly, this is extremely risky”
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